Reusable Face Mask

<h2>FOUNDING MEMBER: <i>WARRIOR 1</i></h2>


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3 YEAR Founding Membership Rate

  • Reduced monthly rate guaranteed for 3 years (Available for the first 40!)
  • Option to invite another member and pay same rate
  • 1 ESSENTIALS KIT  [3 Stickers, 2 Pins, 1 24 oz HAWT(AF) Nalgene bottle] 
  • Founding Membership Rate $100/month (Standard Membership is $150/month - $50 SAVINGS!) - begins on grand opening, minimum one year commitment
  • [BONUS] One invited member (Friends & Family) at $100/month rate, responsible for their monthly payments, minimum one year commitment

"The Founding Members are for those who want to get a jump on a great deal on their monthly rate. If the drop-in rate is $25 and you are practicing at least four times in a month, you can see the value. After three years away from Long Beach and in Los Alamitos, I'm back and I've built a beautiful studio for you to come back to" ~Cidney