Reusable Face Mask

<h2>FOUNDING MEMBER: <i>HERO</i></h2>


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LIFETIME Founding Membership Rate

  • Reduced monthly rate guaranteed for LIFETIME! (Only 15 available spots!)
  • Option to invite another member and pay same rate
  • 1 ESSENTIALS KIT [3 Stickers, 2 Pins, 1 24 oz HAWT(AF) Nalgene bottle] 
  • Founding Membership Rate $100/month (Standard Membership is $150/month - $50 SAVINGS!) - begins on grand opening, minimum one year commitment
  • [BONUS] One invited member (Friends & Family) at $100/month rate, responsible for their monthly payments, minimum one year commitment
    - Choose your engraving: Your name, company or dedicated loved one
    - All tile content must be approved
    - Tile location TBA
Please note: (Warrior 1 & 2 are guaranteed for 3 years, Triangle is guaranteed for 5 years) 

"After 8 years of leading my interpretation to yoga. 3 years as a studio owner. I am fortunate to witness many of you go through your life cycles. Getting through HS/ University, graduating/ dropping out, getting married/ things not working out, getting jobs, moving away, the family, the crew, starting companies, losing loved ones, etc... That Commemorative Tile is not just important to me and our studio, it's definitely important for you." ~Cidney

PS. No wacky yearbook shenanigans on the tiles please.